Interactive Digital Experiences

We create experiences that delight, engage and motivate.

A creative blend of technology and design to increase engagement, initiate new ideas and create more opportunities.


Our brain is a powerful organ and can process visual information fast. Creativitality creates interactive experiences that dazzle and capture attention.


Engage your audience through interaction. Be involved with your customers and your audience.


Puts the focus on what matters. Your products, your services and your message, can quickly be communicated and easily understood by everyone – no matter where.


Increased sales.


More engagement.


Better understanding.


Faster learning.


Richer discussions.


Better idea creation.

We Design Interactive Experiences

Expertly crafted immersive digital experiences that maximize attention and engagement. Multisensory interfaces that are natural and intuitive. Mesmerizing experiences to places its never been before.

We create augment reality, and virtual worlds that engage, inspire, inform and entertain. We make experiences, unforgettable!

Imagination and Technology Collide

Tying together imagination, art and technology we create immersive environments that are engaging and memorable.

We utilize latest technologies to create immersive digital experiences that delight and engage through interaction.

The Evolution of Storytelling

Using power of engagement to draw people in and make them part of a memorable experience.

You have the ability to take them on a journey of sight and sound, get their heart racing, pique their curiosity or tugs at their hearts strings. The story and the power of engagement guide your user wherever you want to take them. At Creativitality we design interactive experiences that inspire, engage and inform.

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Key Features

Customizable Content Creation

With Creativitality immersive interactive experiences, you are in control. You have the power to customize your content, your images and your sounds to blend seamlessly into virtually any environment. This remarkable feature guarantees an even greater level of engagement, as you can tailor the experience to precisely match the feelings, thoughts, hopes and desires of your user.

analyze and report usage

Built-in logs monitor audience interactivity to analyze and report usage.


Encourages sharing and social engagement through actions and movement.

advanced playlist & scheduler

Software includes advanced editor, playlist and scheduler features.


Simple to use program allows for fast deployment and alignment

Body Motion and Gesture Sensing Technology

Modern sensor technology are used to measure body position, movements, gestures and even facial expressions using 2d and 3d cameras. Our body motion and gesture sensing software is highly accurate and reliable.

Designed by Experts

Our team comprises of experts in the following disciplines: Computer Games, Avatar Modeling, User Experience/User Interaction, Creative Arts and Graphic Designing, Motion Tracking, Systems Design and Programming, and many more.

We create solutions that enhance your brand promise & deliver a memorable experience

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