imagination & technology

Creating engaging interactive digital experiences.

Using the latest technology in imaginative ways to create spectacular and unique interactive experiences.

Creativitality creates custom motion-based experiences to fit any size space or storytelling need. We can help you make a bold statement in any location.

Touch Technology

We can make any regular surface into an interactive touch surface. Our multi-touch sensing software is extremely fast, accurate and reliable. We integrate the best infrared based sensing with smart algorithms to simultaneously and accurately sense multiple touch events and gestures.

Quick and easy to deploy and align at any location.

Body Motion and Gesture Sensing Technology

We use developed techniques to understand and measure body position, movements, gestures and even facial expressions using 2d and 3d cameras. Our body motion and gesture sensing software is highly accurate and reliable without the need for any markers.

Designed by Experts

Our team comprises of experts and leaders in many fields, such as: Computer Games, UI/UX, Creative Arts and Graphic Designing, Motion Tracking, Systems Design and Programming.

Masterfully creating immersive environments that are engaging, memorable and grab peoples attention.

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